February 14th is right around the corner, which means here at Parrotprint HQ, we’ve been busy coming up with some personalised canvas print ideas for loved ones that we think are just a teensy bit better than your average shop bought card. Naturally, top of our list are a range of customised canvas prints – all designed with an extra sentimental touch to make the recipient feel superbly special.

You’ve got plenty of time to order a personalised photo print in time for Valentines Day but some of these ideas may mean you need to get your creative juices flowing a little sooner than others, so grab your camera and let cupid work his magic…

Your favourite couple photo

Forget wallet photos; make a keepsake that’s harder to ignore with a photo canvas print your loved one wake up to on their walls. Choose a photo of yourself – carefully selected to display you in the best light possible, obviously – or select a meaningful photograph of you together as a couple. If you’re not keen on the idea of a large version of yourself staring back at you from the walls, you may want to select one of our smaller canvas sizes, which start at just 10”x10”.

Can’t find a suitable photo on your phone? Don’t forget you can upload straight from your Facebook or Instagram profiles.

A clue to your valentines outing or getawaykissing couple at dawn

If you’ve booked a weekend away or a special activity, why tell them what it is straight away? Give them a sneaky clue by transferring an image of the location you’ll be visiting, the band you’re going to see or even the mode of transport you’ll be taking, onto a canvas print. This gives you something you can wrap for them to open and a piece of art they can treasure afterward.

Lyrics to ‘your’ song

It doesn’t matter if ‘your’ song is a power ballad or a punk rock classic, it will be the thought that counts if you choose to have a snippet of they lyrics printed on canvas to give as a gift. Why not layer over a special photograph or a piece of your own artwork to create an utterly unique canvas print?

A handwritten poem

Poetry is a bit of a Valentines Day institution, if you’re not brave enough to pen your own you could work with a a simple roses are red…violets are blue or perhaps put to use a piece of classic poetry that’s no longer subject to copyright. For extra artistry, try handwriting the stanzas and use as an overlay on a photo.

Use them as part of a proposal

Use a series of canvas prints to tell the story of your relationship – your first photo together, the location of your first date. Then hang along the hallway or up the stairs to lead your other half and finish with a “Will you marry me?” sign at the top. Then when people ask the story of your engagement, you can show them your proposal prints!

We hope these ideas have inspired you to make and give a Valentines Day Gift that is a little out of the ordinary this year. If you need any help or advice with your romantic photography mission, feel free to get in touch or read more ideas in our blog.