Happy World Photography Day! Not sure what it’s all about? We’ve covered World Photography Day and Ways Photography has Changed the World on the blog before. In short, today is a day for celebrating the positive impact photography has made in your life or the wider world. If you’d like to ride with the positive vibes and make the most of the day, why not make an effort to join in? Make today the day you grab your camera, edit those photos or plan a trip to that interesting exhibition you’ve been meaning to check out. Here’s some suggestions for you!

Plan a trip to an exhibition

Seeing the work of others is often what inspires us most. Whether it’s a case of checking out a new genre or style or simply familiarising yourself with an up and coming artist or photographer in your area, it’s great to get out and about and see art up close. Even if you don’t live in a big city, you may be able to enjoy one of the many better-known exhibitions that tour the UK each year.

Enrol on a course

Have you been struggling to master a new technique? Perhaps you’d like to push yourself to explore new subject matter or hone your skills so that you can charge for your work. Why not make today the today you investigate taking a course to support you in your photography goals? Or maybe you’d like to earn while you learn with a photography apprenticeship?

Join a photography club

Want to share your love of photography with others? Maybe you’ve recently moved areas and you’d like to know where all the best-hidden spots to shoot are? Joining a photography club can be a great way to socialise, learn new skills, network and get your work known. If there’s not already a photography club open in your area, you may even want to consider setting one up. Our blog post Could you set up a camera club? Has some tips to help you get started.

Put your best photos on display

How many of your best photos are stuck on a memory card or on your computer? Maybe you’ve been putting off post-production or you’ve just not gotten round to printing them off. Make World Photography Day the day you celebrate the impact photography has had on you. Choose some shots to have printed on canvas, play with new ideas and think about putting your work on display. Is it about time you got to work on your gallery wall or brighten up your downstairs bathroom?

Will you be making an effort to celebrate World Photography Day?