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Materials that last

Your canvas print is made from solid 18mm European pine frames and 420gsm heavyweight premium archival-grade canvas, which have been created specifically for photography and fine art reproduction. Each one is made by hand so you get a strong, long-lasting frame and print.

The boldest, brightest colours

Your canvas print is made with 100-year+ fade-resistant pigment inks, giving it rich, eye-catching colours that stay bold and bright, and create a focal point for your room.

Safe from scuffs and scratches

We hand-laminate your canvas print with archival grade fine art satin printing varnish, so it stays safe from the scuffs, scratches, bumps, and knocks it might experience in day-to-day life. Our varnish also protects your canvas print from UV rays, meaning your colours won’t fade over time.

Science meets art

Our special Automatic Photo-Quality Detection algorithm ensure your canvas print is made with the highest quality image available, so you get a detailed, sharper piece of art that you’re proud to show off.

Bring your memories to life

Download your favourite images from social media and get them printed as a beautiful canvas print. Our image uploader lets you take your images from Facebook, Instagram, or your tablet or smartphone, and create a canvas print that brings your online memories to life.

Free UK delivery and our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Spend over £20 at Parrot Print and you get free delivery anywhere within mainland UK, with next-day delivery wherever possible. Our Love It! 100% Happiness Guarantee means we promise that your new canvas photo print will reach you in top condition, ready to hang—if it doesn’t, we’ll refund you the price of your purchase.

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The top interior wall art trends today

We all know that trends come and go, and trends within our homes change just as fast as fashion on the street.

Last season was all about having one brightly decorated feature wall, with a mix of colours, textures, and fabrics taking on traditional styles, like rustic or industrial themes. There were also trends that incorporated the portraints, paintings, and ceramic pieces that cluttered our walls.

With each season, it’s out with the old and in with the new. This season we’re focusing on simplistic styling, with minimalist pieces that not only suit most themes, but incorporate your personality too.

We’ve pulled together some of the trends that we’ve identified, so you can make the most of your wall art.

Quote Wall Stickers

What started as a popular trend on photography apps such as Instagram and Pinterest has now become a popular choice to adorn the walls of our homes. These wall stickers are a great way to add something different to your home—they’re not too over-bearing or in-your-face, and incorporate a little of your personality.

Whether it’s in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, or even your walk-in wardrobe, and with the extensive range available online and in stores, you’re bound to find the perfect one that suits you. They’re convenient, too, as these stickers are easily applied and just as easily removed, so you can change between your favourite ‘liked’ and ‘pinned’ quotes as often as you want.


In a lot of homes these days people have started replacing photos and art with mirrors. Not only can adding a mirror to your wall update the decor instantly and add a touch of glamour, but mirrors also reflect light and make your room appear brighter and more spacious.

The beauty of this trend is that it’s hard to go wrong with the mirror that you choose, as most mirrors tend to fit all decor themes. We recommend a mirror without a border, so the glass runs all the way to the edges, so as to maximise the potential of your room.

Canvas Prints

The thick, dark picture frames of old are on the way out—now it’s in with minimalistic canvas prints, that showcase every inch of your favourite photos. Whether you’ve chosen a small, simple canvas, or you’ve had one of your images blown up and stretched across three canvases, this medium allows you to create the illusion of more space inside your home. We’ve made choosing the perfect canvas for your room as easy as it can be: all you need to do is upload your image here and we’ll do the rest.

Wall Art

Branch out beyond traditional frames pictures and prints, and add a sculpture piece to your wall. They’re not only more interesting, but also add dimension and energy to your walls. Natural materials and textures, such as wood or metals, have proven quite popular, and if you’re looking for a unique focal point and conversation starter, this is the trend for you.

So, you want to sell your art

Parrot Print was started by photographers who hadn’t come across a product that fitted what we wanted to display our photos—so we decided to make what we wanted ourselves.

Today we have a wide range of customers, from people looking to create personalised canvas prints to give as gifts to family or friends, to professionals in the art world, who are looking to sell their art to make a living.

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into selling your own canvas print creations, we’ve got a few ideas on how to get you started.

How to get your canvas prints seen

There’s a number of routes you can take to begin selling your art, and not all of them will be suited to your aims, or your particular niche. Whichever path you choose, though, if you want to establish yourself as an artist you need to get your work seen—and the traditional way of doing this is through exhibiting. Getting involved in your local art scene will help you to establish where opportunities to display your work might be, and there’s also scope to set up your own show.

Get your canvas prints seen

There are many routes into selling art and not all will be suited to your particular niche or aims. But whatever path you choose, if you want to establish yourself as an artist you’ll need to get your works seen and the traditional way of doing this is through exhibiting. Getting involved in your local art scene will help you establish where display opportunities may lie but there’s also scope to set up your own show.


The Guardian published an articleabout holding your own open house exhibition, which has some good pointers to get you started. You should also consider setting up an online portfolio to display your canvas prints and other wall art, but be aware this will require some promotion too.


There are plenty of avenues available to pursue that will give your online profile a boost, so consider using social media platforms to market yourself and your art, and raise you online profile by blogging about your creations. This will give people a better sense of who you are, what you do, and why they should buy your work.

Selling your work

It can be a bit overwhelming selling your art through your own e-store or website, even if you only accept commissions through the site, and don’t actually make sales this way.

There are some great selling sites around to help you out, such as Esty and Folksy which are popular tools for artists to use to sell their pieces and creations, and you’ll only pay a small listing and selling fee in return for using these readymade platforms and benefitting from their marketing. You might also choose to go through a site that’s specifically tailored to artists, and selling your artwork, where you’ll most likely pay gallery fees as well as selling fees.


Before you head online be sure to explore the options in your local area—you might find there are craft fairs or markets where you can display and sell your work, or perhaps a local art or craft shop might be willing to sell your work in return for a commission fee.


Many cafés and restaurants are happy to display the work of local artists in return for the pleasure of having local art on their walls, so ask around and see if any places nearby are looking for artists to collaborate with, and take in some examples of your work to show them.

Canvas wall art to brighten your home

Have you ever walked into a furniture studio and found yourself immediately blown away by the ambiance of it all? Like most luxury lovers, your eyes were probably drawn to the walls rather than the furniture itself. That’s because wall art brings a room together, and acts as the soul of the room, bringing it to life. Wall art evokes passion, happiness, comfort, and even creativity, and this feeling of appreciation isn’t exclusive to furniture shops and art studios.

A stunning canvas print can have the same effect in your home. Here are a few ways you can incorporate canvas art into your home decor.

Jazz up your corners

As children, we were often reminded that the corner is a place of boredom and punishment—but it doesn't have to remain this way. Some people use trees, plants, room dividers, and even mirrors to mask their corners, but we say inject some life into your corners with a large canvas print. The primary colours of your print should complement the colours of your room (use this reference for help) and contain a few pops of added colour to make the room a little more cosy. Instead of hanging this painting on the wall, you can prop it up in the corner directly on the floor or position it on an easel in the corner.

Give your accent wall a centrepiece

Nothing says accent wall like a beautiful work of art, and the right canvas print can really tie your room together. A lot of people choose to paint their accent wall a different colour from the surrounding walls, often a shade or two darker (and in some cases a completed unrelated colour). The problem people are faced with after doing this is how to tie the colours together to make the room look more uniform. A museum-grade canvas print that contains a small amount of the accent wall colour, and bit of the colour from the surrounding walls, can balance the room perfectly. If you really want to bring it all together try an abstract design that picks up the colours of your furniture and wall colours as well.

Showcase your own design the right way

If you're an artist at heart, or you take pictures of everyday objects in a way that feels artistic to you, then you’re going to want to show them off. Printing your photos onto photo paper, or poster stock, just won’t do—if you want to really show off your work, you want them printed on canvas.

Canvas injects life into your prints in a way that paper can’t, making them seem more realistic, and at the same time more mysterious. To really showcase your creations, get your photos printed on canvas and attach a picture or display light above it, before hanging it on your wall. Voila! A work of art is born.

Museum-quality art for your home

At Parrot Print we believe that every image deserves the best quality around. Our award winning and museum archival-grade prints are created using the highest quality materials we can get, and printed using our state of the art digital processes. This allows us to provide you with the level of artistic excellence that your work deserves. Our skilled craftsmanship has earned us the position of the highest quality canvas printers in the UK. Give us a call today if you want to find out more about how we can transform your photos into canvas works of art.

Combine photography and illustration for wall art with a difference

Parrot Print was founded by a group of photographers, but as members of the Fine Art Trade Guild we appreciate and work with art of all kinds. Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of work online that combines photography and illustration in some pretty interesting ways.

This work by Brazilian artist Lucas Levitan is one such example. Levitan adds his own illustrations to other people’s photographs to create fantastical and fun pieces that we think would look absolutely brilliant on walls. If you want to see what he’d add to your images, you can invite him to get creative with your photographs by tagging them on Twitter with #iwanttobeinvaded.

Of course, you could also have a go at creating your own images using illustrations. Here are just a few ways you can combine illustration and photography to create something new and unique.

Draw your own breath-taking backdrops

Whether you’re creating your own photobooth or want to create some whacky and wonderful baby photographs, illustrating your own backdrops can transform your images in an inexpensive and personalised way. Jimmy the Bull Terrier has become an internet sensation thanks to the creative work of his owner Rafael, who adds his own illustrations to photographs of Jimmy to create fantastically quirky prints.

This technique also works wonderfully with children. Want to turn your little one into a superhero? Draw your own sky and other props and set the scene yourself.

Create a digital collage

You don’t need to put pen to paper to bring artwork and photo imagery together. With the likes of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator you can combine your own sketches, or even create watercolour-like textures, to frame and contrast with your photography subjects for an ethereal feel. A digital collage allows for so many creative combinations, without the mess. And if want to hang the results on your wall rather than seeing them on screen, all you need to do is save the files in the correct format and upload them here, and we can transfer them to canvas for you.

Colour between the lines

Have you taken a striking photograph that you’d like to turn into something a little more comic book-like, or you think would look good given the Prisma treatment? Rather than adding to your images, why not spend some time taking away? Using digital software you can turn your images into outlines like those in colouring books and then colour between the lines yourself, however you want. This guide from Digital Arts Online has some great tips.

Embellish the surface

Do you love the layered look of a collage? We’ve covered layered canvas prints ideas on the blog before, so be sure to check out our layered canvas post for a little inspiration. Whether you’ve chosen to put your photo on canvas or your print to paper, the journey of your art needn’t stop there. Why not use other materials to add texture and interest to the surface? Different paints, varnishes, and even fabrics can be used to add an illustration aspect to your work. We love the work of this fashion artist who uses nail varnish to enhance her drawings, and we think there’s real potential to combine this technique with photographed images too.

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Create layered looks with a customised photo canvas

Feature walls are big news in the world of interiors right now. You might find blocks of bold colour or a single papered wall livening things up in the living room, or a brightly painted mural in a child’s bedroom.

There are lots of ways to create a focal point that brings the theme of a room together, but these particular interior techniques can be time-consuming and difficult to update—so why not take a shortcut with the help of some customised canvas prints? Our diptych and triptych canvas prints are popular choices for people who want to create unique artwork to hang in their home, and make an instant standout feature.

However, today we’ll be looking at another way of making one wall the focus of your room by using layered or stacked custom canvas prints. We’ll explore the type of wall art you can create by using multiple photo prints together, and some applications of layered or stacked canvasses, which we hope you’ll find as inspiring as we do.

Stacked panorama

A personalised panoramic canvas print can be pretty impactful by itself, but think about the effect you can achieve by using multiple pieces. As well as slicing up one view across several different canvas panels, you might consider juxtaposing different scenes or even building images of the same scene taken at different times. Mountain ranges, coastal views, and cityscapes all look great presented in this way, which can add a new perspective to your artwork.

Your family tree

Layered prints can be educational, as well as fun. Think about creating themed stacked canvas prints that work together artistically as well as acting as a learning tool. You might want to follow the advice in our recent flower photography post to help you take a few garden snaps for an inside garden wall, for example. Another eye-catching idea is to create your own family tree by printing portraits onto individual canvas prints. Select the images you want to use and print them in a range of sizes to create a sprawling tree on one wall. You might choose to mix up the sizes, or use larger images towards the top where they may otherwise be harder to see.

Funny faces

Portrait prints can sometimes look quite serious, so why not think about creating something a little more fun by mixing different sections of your family members’ faces? Slice up individual images before uploading and then play around with the positioning of your customised canvasses when they arrive. To make things even more unusual, you could try using face paints and props and even letting the kids direct a few shots. The results make a fantastic and less permanent alternative to a painted mural.

If today’s ideas for using your digital images on canvas have got your creative juices flowing, then get things started with our online customised canvas builder.

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