Photo canvas prints can look fantastic on any wall if you’re looking to decorate your home, but they are also ideal gifts to mark a wide range of occasions. These unique items can transform small photographs into large pieces that become the focal point of the room, and with an assortment of customisation options you can always find something to suit your tastes. Below we talk you through some of the most popular occasions that can be remembered with a beautiful canvas print.

Wedding day

What better way to mark your friends’ big day than with a canvas print of them together during the special occasion? The image can be of them as they say their vowels, or as they take their first dance together. Whatever picture you choose, the happy couple are sure to love something they can cherish forever.


If you’ve recently had a Christmas where the whole family got together and had a good time, then a canvas print could be a great gift to remember it by. Spending time with friends and family over Christmas is always welcome, and a gift of this kind is sure to go down well.

New baby

The arrival of a new baby is always cause for celebration, and a great way to capture the moment forever is with a high quality canvas print. The baby’s parents are sure to love this thoughtful gift, and you could even take a series of images over a period of time, marking the important moments in the child’s life.


If you have a colleague who is retiring but you’re struggling for ideas of what to get them, then canvas prints could be the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s a personal item, something they can keep forever and it shows them that you care.

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day

Getting a gift for mum and dad can be hard sometimes, especially when they’re not giving you any clues about what they’d like. This is where a canvas print can come in very handy, as they’re personal, thoughtful and can include images from a wide range of occasions. You could make the print funny, heart-warming or you could simply choose one of their favourite images to stick up on the wall. Canvas prints are ideal gifts for both mum and dad.


One of the most popular reasons to purchase a canvas print is a birthday, as you can choose any image you like and gift it to a friend or family member to mark their celebrations. Your friend or family member will definitely appreciate this type of birthday gift.

As you can see there are many different occasions that you can mark with a canvas print. High quality images on a canvas made from the finest materials are always going to be well received by whoever you give them to, and with lifetime guarantees they can be appreciated forever. If you’re interested in creating a canvas print to give to someone special then Parrot Print is the service for you.