How To Get The Best Results When You Print Your Photo Canvas

Choose a format

No, not JPEG or RAW – do you want a square canvas, or a rectangular one? Do you want your photo to be split into 2 (diptych) or 3 (triptych) panels so that you can offset them in a bold and stunning way? If you’re taking a picture from Instagram, this may be a simple choice, but if the picture came from your dSLR or Facebook, your choices are a lot more varied. Think about where you want the picture to go and what would look best.

Choose a size

It’s that simple. Do you want a big canvas or a small one? Measure the wall you intend to mount your canvas on and step back. Is that too big, or will you have to squint to see the detail?

Choose a crop

You may have already tweaked the contrast and cropped your image, but don’t skip this step. If you’ve inadvertently picked a different sized canvas to the size of the original photograph, you’re going to have to re-crop your image. Make sure that your image fits how you want it to – if you have to go reconsider your image size, it’s easier to do it now than when you have the canvas in your hands.

Choose a finish

This one comes down largely to personal taste – do you want the outer edges of your photo canvas to be black or white, in stark contrast from the original photograph? Or would you rather have the outermost part of the photo wrap itself around the frame? The colour of the wall you want to mount the canvas on may play a part in this, so take this into consideration if you choose the ‘image wrap’ option, as your paint or wallpaper may clash. Remember that black will rarely clash with anything, so if you want to move it around, that may be an option. If you want to hang it in an office or gallery, white gives you a cleaner, more professional look, and you don’t lose any of the image to the edge of the canvas.

Choose a filter

Again, you may have already colour-corrected your photo, but for those of you who haven’t or don’t know how, our final step is just that. Do you want us to fix the colours, or to print your canvas in greyscale? How about sepia for that antique look? The choice is entirely yours.

And you’re done! Once you’ve finished the above steps and finalised your purchase, we’ll apply our award-winning satin varnish to the print, accredited by the Fine Arts Guild for protecting your canvas print from the ravages of time, UV damage and even enhancing the colour of your print in the process. When you order from Parrot Print Canvas you‘re left with a stylish product you will be proud to hang on your wall for years to come. If you have any questions about how to choose the right picture for you canvas, or how to go about getting your photo printed in the ultimate glory that is a high-quality photo canvas, get in contact with us today. Our team of friendly experts know all there is to know about photography and canvases, and they will be more than happy to help you make the perfect purchase for you.