Image pixelation guarantee

State-of-the art software

We are able to offer this guarantee thanks to the special proprietary software we use, which increases your image size without the loss of sharpness or detail that images sometimes suffer when transferred to canvas. This means we are able to work with smaller images than some other canvas prints sellers and are happy to create canvas prints from your Facebook, Instagram and smartphone photos. In order to achieve this level of image interpolation, we work with specific file types and sizes, you can check what types of images are compatible with the canvas print process here.

Image re-sizing

Each time you resize a jpeg or TIFF, some of the image data is lost, for this reason we are only able to offer our anti-pixelation guarantee on digital images that have not been resized or compressed before submission. If you have any questions about preparing the very best photographs to create your canvas print or about the suitability of your images to transfer to canvas, please get in touch with your experts who will be happy to answer any queries and give you advice. You’ll also find information on taking the perfect photo for canvas print creation, elsewhere in our Knowledge Base.