Create beautiful canvas wall art and showcase your photos

Choose your shape, choose your size, and create your own customized piece of canvas wall art. From 6” x 6” all the way up to 30” by 40”, and at competitive prices that you won’t find anywhere else, you get a stunning canvas print that is sure to brighten any room.

Ready to get started? You also get FREE 2-3 business day delivery, door to door.

Superior materials for a long life

We hand-make each one of your personalized canvas wall art prints, ensuring you get a product designed to stand the test of time. Your images are printed onto premium archival-grade heavyweight 420gsm canvas and stretched over solid 0.7-inch European pine framing, both designed specifically for fine art reproduction.

Stunning, eye-popping color

Create a bright focal point for your room. We finish your canvas wall art with 100-year+ fade-resistant pigment ink, so your colors stay rich and true for longer.

Protected from the elements

Your canvas print is hand-laminated using archival-grade fine art satin varnish, which provides a strong barrier against dirt, dust, damp, and even scratches and scrapes. Designed to protect your canvas wall art against harsh UV rays, this means your colors stay strong and won’t fade over time.

Picture-perfect reproduction

We’ve created a special Automatic Photo-Quality Detection algorithm that analyzes your images and selects the highest image quality possible for printing. This provides a crisp, clear, detailed image, that looks absolutely stunning when printed on canvas.

More options for printing

Don’t let the photos on your social media profiles fade into obscurity. Our image uploader allows you to print directly from your tablet, smartphone, and Facebook and Instagram accounts, so you can bring those online memories into the real world.

100% satisfaction—guaranteed

We know you’ll love your new piece of canvas wall art as much as we loved making it, so we put our money where our mouth is with our Love It! 100% Happiness Guarantee. This means that if your new canvas print arrives at your door in less-than-perfect condition, we give you a full refund of your purchase.


Today’s top interior wall art trends, and how you can achieve this look

Trends come and go over the years, and what was popular one season might be out the next.

Brightly-colored and highly-decorated feature walls were all the rage in previous seasons, and we saw a mix of textures, fabrics, and themes. Walls were adorned with ceramic pieces, portraits, and paintings, creating somewhat of a cluttered effect.

But with the rise of minimalism, and the success of the Marie Kondo phenomenon, we’re seeing a paring back of styles, and a focus on simplicity. People are putting more of a focus on designing their homes and their spaces to reflect their authentic self, and your wall art is a fantastic way to add those personal, timeless touches to your home.

Here are some of the trends to look out for in 2020, and how you can use these trends to make the most of your wall art.

Quote stickers for your walls

Beginning as a popular trend online, quote stickers are a hyper-personal way to add a little something to your home. They’re a popular choice, and a great way to inject some personality to your walls.

The beauty of these quote stickers is that they’re removable, so you can have them on your wall for as long as you like. Don’t find it resonates with you as much anymore? Simply peel it off (carefully), and replace it with something more fitting.

Whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or your hallway, you can find a wide range of quote stickers online that will perfectly capture what you want to say, and how you feel.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

2020 is going to be all about the accents, and what better way to provide an engaging accent than with mirrors. In some homes they’re even replacing wall art.

Mirrors add that element of glamor to your wall and reflect light in a way that makes your room feel more spacious, airy, and bright.

Rustic framing is in, too, so match your mirror with a country-style frame, and bring a touch of class to any décor theme you may have going on.

Timeless canvas prints

While rustic frames may be in, nothing beats the timeless, elegant look of a classic canvas print. Printing your photos onto canvas is a great way to showcase every inch of your treasured memories, with a subtle texture and vibrant color that serves to make them more engaging than a simple photo in a frame.

Whether it’s a small canvas of your favorite family photo, or a gorgeous landscape scene blown up and sequenced across three canvasses, canvas prints actually allow you to create the illusion of greater space within your home.

It’s easy to create and customize your own canvas prints, too. Just upload your photos here, choose your size, and let Parrot Print take care of the rest.

Add some artistic flair

A sculpture piece goes beyond traditional framed images and adds an extra exciting element of energy and dimension to your walls. With the rise of the rustic trend, we're seeing natural textures and materials, like brass and wood, becoming popular. If you want a bold focal statement to create conversations, then sculpture may be the trend for you.

Looking to sell your art? Here’s how to get started

Parrot Print was founded by a group of photographers who were looking for a better way to display their photos. After trialing many methods, and always coming up short, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create what we wanted ourselves.

Our service has grown since those humble days, but we still remember what the frustration was like when we couldn’t find the product that fitted our vision.

Today we provide customized canvas prints to customers of all types. From professional photographers and artists looking to make a living from their work, through to people simply wanting an elegant, thoughtful gift for a loved one.

So if you’re considering building a business from selling your canvas print artwork, we’ve got a few suggestions on how you can get started.

Become part of your local art scene

Every local art scene is different. With different niches, different trends, and different personalities, there are a number of routes you can take to get started selling your artworks. However, they won’t all be suited to your goals.

Regardless of your particular niche, the one key activity you can do to establish yourself as an artist is to get your artwork seen—and this traditionally means exhibiting your work.

Create your online portfolio

One big action you can take is setting up your own online portfolio. There are plenty of free website building tools around these days that are quick and intuitive to use. You can set up your own online gallery—in some cases, complete with its own payment portal—as a way to start selling your work and building your profile.

To further boost your name, you can create social media accounts, or use your existing, to promote your art. Consider blogging about your work to increase your online reach, and allow your audience to get to know you better—and ultimately, why they should buy your work.

Your first exhibition

To hold your own exhibition, we recommend starting small, by simply meeting people in your local art scene, your local galleries and art spaces, and getting your name and your face known. From here, you will meet people who know what it takes to set up your own art show and can help you create opportunities to display your work.

There was a fantastic article published by The Guardian that provides a quick guide on how to hold your own open house exhibition. Regardless of where you are in the world, these are some great tips on getting started on your exhibiting journey.

It’s time to sell your artwork

Whether you plan to sell prints through your own e-store, or taking commissions through your website, it’s time to get started selling your artwork.

Alongside the fantastic website builders available these days, you can also use the tried-and-true platforms like Etsy and Folksy to sell your canvas prints. They’re popular tools among artists looking to sell their creations and have gained traction in recent years. You pay a small fee for listing and selling, and then reap the rewards of a wider reach and audience.

Outside of online stores, it’s useful to explore options in your own neighborhood. After asking around, speaking with your local art community, you’ll likely find there’s art markets, craft fairs, and local exhibition events where you can display and sell your artwork. Local craft or art shops may be willing to sell your work—in return for a commission fee, of course.

As well, another creative avenue is approaching restaurants and cafes. Cafes have always been the haunt of the creative types, and many are happy to hang local artworks. They receive the benefit of having beautiful, eye-catching artwork on their walls. Some cafes may even be looking for artists to collaborate with, whether in an exhibition or a live art event, so make sure you bring some samples with you when you drop by.

Brighten your home with canvas wall art

Wall art brings a room together, drawing your eyes away from the furniture, and bringing the room itself to life. It acts as the soul of the room, the accents—the personality. Wall art provides the ambiance, the splashes of color that add that unmistakable luxury quality to a home.

Designed to evoke emotion, spark passion, provide comfort, and nurture creativity, gorgeous canvas prints can have a powerful effect, wherever you choose to display them.

Here are our favorite ways to bring your home to life by incorporating elegant canvas wall art into your décor.

Give your corners some personality

The corner is no longer just a place you were sent as a disobedient child. We’re seeing more and more that people love decorating their corners, whether it’s with lush plants, mirrors, or masking them entirely with room dividers.

Our choice is to jazz up your corner with a vibrant canvas print. Choose a photo with bold primary colors that complement the color used in your room, and some splashes of extra color that create a cozy, inviting space. You can find an excellent reference here for how to match colors.

To make things a little different, you may consider positioning your canvas print on an easel instead, or if it’s a larger print, simply propping it up in the corner.

Create a centerpiece for your accent wall

While some people choose to paint their accent wall a different color from the rest of the room, this leaves them with the problem of how to weave the new color together with the rest of the room in a cohesive manner. It’s all well and good having one bold, stand-out color—but it’s a bit boring if that’s all there is.

A stunning work of art serves to create a classic accent wall, and choosing the right canvas print can really bring your space together.

Hanging a museum-grave canvas print on your feature wall is an excellent way of tying your room together. But make sure it contains some of the color you’ve used for your accent wall, and some from the rest of the walls, to create a pleasing balance within the room.

For extra effect, you could choose an abstract piece that also picks up the colors in the furniture and other fittings, too.

Show off your own artwork

It’s only natural that you want to show off photography or artwork that you’re proud of. So it’s important that you do it in a way that truly does your work justice.

Simply printing your photos onto photo paper or poster stock is standard—but it’s missing something.

Getting your photos printed onto high-quality canvas injects life and personality into your images in a way that paper just can’t. The texture of the canvas makes the colors pop, and brings a lifelike quality to your photos that makes them seem both more realistic, but also more mysterious.

Showcasing your creations as stunning canvas print wall art allows you to personalize your spaces with your own custom artwork. And to really make them sing, consider attaching a display light above it to really show off your work.

Get museum-quality artwork in your own home

Your photos deserve to be seen and showcased in the best quality possible. So at Parrot Print, we focus on providing you with the level of artistic excellence that your artwork truly deserves.

Our award-winning prints are made using museum-quality, archival-grade materials, and printed using our state-of-the-art digital printing process. Our skilled craftspeople strive to create artwork that we would be proud to hang in our own homes.

To find out more about transforming your treasured photos into unique canvas works of art, call us today.

Create wall art with a difference by combining photography and illustration

Parrot Print was created by a likeminded group of photographers. Art-lovers at heart, we love exploring all kinds of artwork. And a recent trend we’ve seen is combining photography with illustration, to create some exciting, eye-catching results.

The work that has inspired us most recently is by Lucas Levitan, a Brazilian artist who adds his own illustrations to photographs that other people have taken. He takes these photos, some stunning landscapes, others ordinary street scenes, and overlays his quirky, cute cartoons over the top, to create fun and whimsical pieces that would suit any wall. To have Lucas create a fun take on your photos, simply share your images on Twitter and add the hashtag #iwanttobeinvaded.

Alternatively, you can use illustrators like Lucas as inspiration, and create fantastical images using your own illustrations and images.

Bespoke backdrops

Illustrating your own backdrops allows you to transform your images in whatever wild and wacky way you like. Whether it’s creating a simple drawing to add a photo over the top, or building the backdrop for your own photo booth, this is a fun way to personalize your photos even more.

Think your kids are amazing? Turn them into superheroes by drawing your own superhero scene, then getting them to pose for a photo you add in afterward. You can draw your own props, or a whole new costume for them—see where your imagination takes you.

Your pets don’t have to miss out. Have a look at Jimmy the Bull Terrier. He became an internet sensation through the creative and quirky illustrations added to photos by his owner, Rafael.

Make a digital collage

You don’t have to bring out the paints and paper to bring your photos and artwork together. Thanks to photo editing platforms like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you can merge your drawings and paintings with photos digitally. Add watercolor textures, play around with the colors, juxtapose images to create a truly ethereal feel.

Digital collaging allows you to be as creative as you want, without the mess of traditional collaging. Then, when you’re ready to bring your collages to life, you can save the files, upload them to our canvas builder, and get them created as beautiful canvas prints.

Give your art some pop

If you like your artwork a little more comic-like, or love playing around with how your images look, digital software is a great way to play around with your images to give them that comic treatment. Turn your favorite photo into a Roy Lichtenstein-styled creation, or layer elements of your photos in different color washes to give them that pop art look.

Personalize your custom prints even further

If you love the layered look of a collage, then custom canvas prints are a great place to start. Get your favorite image or design printed onto canvas—then take your artwork to the next level by decorating it yourself. Adding physical elements to your canvas prints gives texture and character that is completely, totally you. Play around with paints, varnishes, stickers, and even nail polish, to create your own totally unique artwork.


Create your own series with customized photo canvas prints

Boldly painted feature walls, colorful wallpapers, or brightly painted murals are big trends in the interior design world at the moment. But a feature wall can only take you so far, and has the potential to age and drop out of fashion.

Creating a focal point on a wall with your own customized canvas prints can create a unique, vibrant theme, and one that you can change with seasons, fashions, or just how you feel.

For something truly eye-catching, our diptych and triptych canvas prints create a beautiful series for your home, making your walls a standout feature. Or to take this idea further, why not create a stacked or layered series of canvas prints?

Play on panoramas

An elegant panorama canvas print is stunning on its own, but you can really play with this effect using multiple pieces. Try slicing up the panoramic view across different canvas panels, or by building a textured feeling by stacking photos of the same scene taken at different times of the day. You could play around and juxtapose different environments, mixing cityscapes, mountain ranges, and coastal views to create an eye-catching, thought-provoking final piece.

Build your family tree

Tell your family’s story and create a personalized stacked canvas wall, by printing individual family portraits onto canvas and layering them as a family tree. You can print them in a range of different sizes and shapes, then arrange them on your wall as a twisting, growing tree. We recommend using larger images towards the top of your walls, as they can get hard to see up there.

Have some fun

While we’ve moved away from the stern portrait style of yesteryear, family portraits still tend to follow a distinct format. So why not mix it up a little, and have some fun?

You could create a collage out of different images, slicing them up and layering them to create something of a mosaic effect. You could chop up your photos and print each piece as an individual canvas, allowing you to get really creative when you position the canvases on your wall.

If you wanted to really get creative, you could even consider putting the kids in control. Let them direct a family photo shoot, and bring out the props and face paint to see how wild things can get.

There’s so much you can do that goes beyond the traditional digital image. So if your creative juices are flowing and you’re feeling inspired, get the process started using our customized canvas builder.